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the · zero · zero · island

this layout makes my page look like McSweeny's

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It looks like it's been over 200 weeks since i've posted anything on this thing. and this will probably be the last post but i figured i might as well wrap it up

Does anyone use this  anymore? i remember it was all the rage back in '03, but i guess now we all have Facebook at our disposal when we feel the need to over-share, or whine about life's many tribulations in a semi-anonymous forum.

Can't say that Livejournal ever did that much for me that was of any benefit, but i'm sort of a hoarder, and can't stand to discard anything, so i'll just leave this right here.

but before i go, here's a postcard from where i am now. So long, everyone!  if you need me, forward my mail to : http://zerozeroisland.tumblr.com/ 

Wish you were here:

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well, sure. i'm bored and livejournal says i haven't posted anything in 35 weeks. seems like a lot longer than that! oh well.i was trying to go a year, because nobody reads this thing anyway so what the hey.

i'm working on a whole lot of CSS right now, nested unordered list spry-generated menus etc. it started off a whole lot of fun, now not so much. so i took a break.

for some reason for the last hour i haven't been able to listen to anything but 'black wave' by the arcade fire and 'oh comely' by neutral milk hotel, over and over. this can't be good for me at all. there's something about that line in 'comely,'
thunderous sparks from the dark of the stadiums,
the music and medicine you needed for comforting

that's making me nutty right now. i read how that entire album is about anne frank. that would make lines like 'and i know they buried her body with others her sister and mother and 500 families' sort of make sense.


and arcade fire. don't get me started. they are the worst sort of filthy French-Canadians but that new album is so good. i mean that line about 'a vial of hope and a vial of pain/ in the light they both looked the same.' i only wish i could write something as good as that.

Robertson Davies was right. Nothing but a godforsaken hockey-obsessed pseudo nation of beaver-skinners. that woman's voice is annoying, and not in a good way. plus they are a terribly unattractive band. you don't want to have to look at any of them with their creepy smug faces, but on record when they get seriously, fully wound up, it's one hell of a thing to behold.

time to stop with the internet work, and work on one of the three songs that are sitting around here in really bad shape. there's a slow one that i think i may be able to do something with. or maybe i'll watch A&E classroom instead.

boy i wish lil' amy was up, hearing her little voice would be nice right about now, but she's got to be up and at work in a couple of hours, broken foot and all, so i'll just let her be.

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Neutral Milk Hotel - Oh Comely
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ok, i'm still trying to figure out what to do with it, but last.fm is pretty cool. i can do things like this:

zerozeroisland's Profile Page

um, and other stuff. add me as yr friend, then you can make fun of the music i listen to, and vice-versa:


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02-A_Poets_Lyre-In Gowan Ring
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i've been playing around for a while now with this $14 digital camera from wal-mart. it's supposedly the smallest digital camera in the world, and naturally one of the worst. there are whole pages on the internet devoted to how completely awful it is.


but i have to say, my experiences with the camera haven't been as bad as some. even though the drivers are windows-only, and i had to install virtual PC on my powerbook to even see the pictures, with enough light and the patience of Job i've been able to get some interesting images with it. at 'high res' it's only 352 x 288, but the weird almost old-polaroid type color it gets is pretty nice, sometimes. forget taking pictures indoors, though. and forget actually being able to correctly frame a shot. but for $14 it's not too shabby. another plus; it is almost impossible to take a bright, cheerful looking picture with this thing.





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07 The Chill Air-Brian Eno-Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror
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a livejournal, eh? ok. i've had a myspace profile since '03 and i think i even still have a friendster account, i know they still send me annoying messages from time to time. but i've never really bothered with the whole livejournal thing. i guess i just figure i have very little to say about my personal life. do you really want to know what i had for dinner last night? i didn't think so.

i promise i'll get right on that whole 'get a life' thing tout de suite, so that i can have interesting tidbits and whatnots to put in this space. but right now i think i need a nap.

why zero zero island? as with most things, wikipedia has the answer for you.

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Cantus In Memory of Benjamin Britten-Arvo Part
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